galigu – Easy VR

galigu – Easy VR

  • 24 Dec 2017
  • Virtual Reality

galigu Team

galigu – Virtual Reality Search Platform

    • 24 Dec 2017
Virtual Reality

galigu is a tech startup developing virtual reality search platform in the VR environment.

With galigu users can find desired VR content clearly and easily. We’ve mapped and indexed millions of VR content pieces of all types so users can get simple access to and enjoy an endless amount of content using natural interface (voice or keyboard) with advanced search capabilities.
galigu is creating the ground for VR content recommendation.

galigu at MWC 2016

galigu MWC Team

 galigu – Introduction Video



galigu – The Pain


 galigu – Initial Prototype



galigu – The App

galigu Search Platform
galigu Home

galigu Search Platform
galigu Search using Voice

Platform supports 360 photos, 360 Videos,
3D models and WebVR Content

Google Poly 3D Models
3D models from Google Poly

galigu 360galigu 360