Intel Wellness Mirror

Intel Wellness Mirror

  • 17 Mar 2016
  • Augmented Reality, SW

Wellness Mirror

Intel Wellness Mirror

    • 06 Jan 2016
Augmented Reality, SW

The Intel Wellness Mirror is a smart mirror that can detect various biometrics of the user, and track that over time. Integrated into the design is an Intel RealSense SR300 camera that uses depth sensing technology to take measurements of the user without requiring him to fully undress. In this project I developed algorithms for 2.5D mesh measurement estimations based on statistical models providing health monitoring features. As a user stands in front of the mirror, the integrated camera scans his body and captures basic information about him such as his body height, hips measures, etc. Combining that data with user inputs, the mirror then calculates higher order biometric info such as Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The mirror uses hand gestures and facial recognition for natural and intuitive interaction.

RealSense Wellness Mirror

RealSense Wellness Mirror at CES and IDF 2016

Wellness Mirror at CES
Wellness Mirror at IDF 16